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June 23, 2014

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Writing  Tips

commonly misused words

sex/gender: Whereas

sex refers to the biologic characteristics of males and females,

gender refers to the socially constructed roles of men and women.


Less should be used to compare quantities that cannot be counted, and

fewer should be used when the quantity can be counted.

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What makes SciTechEdit International different?

As a publishing scientist, you spend a lot of time and money producing, compiling, and interpreting your data.  You need an editing company that can help you with the final steps of publishing your findings.


How do you select the right editing company for you from among all of the available companies? Determining the differentiators between companies may be difficult because the offerings are often not comparable.  

SciTechEdit International is a 'boutique' English-language science editing company. What does this mean for you, our valued client? A boutique company places the priority on providing the highest quality product and personalized experience for each individual client with each interaction. 

Our prices are competitive, and our quality and personalized services are unmatched. To read more about how our services differ from those of other editing companies CLICK HERE. Use the coupon code provided in this newsletter when submitting your next manuscript and let us show you the difference.   

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Our services include  


Let us know the journal to which you are submitting your manuscript, and we will ensure that  ...READ MORE

Pre-submission review of minor changes:   

Sometimes last-minute changes are necessary. Changes and minor additions to a manuscript ... READ MORE    

Unlimited rounds of questions    

Your questions are important to us, no matter how simple or complex ...READ MORE

at no additional charge.  

Publish More, Publish Quickly

Too much time is spent submitting and resubmitting manuscripts to journals.  We can help maximize the chances of being published on your first submission by ensuring that the paper is well-polished and presented to the journal in a format that conforms to the journal style.  The editors at SciTechEdit have over 17 years of experience in helping scientists publish their findings in top-tier journals. Our 94% publication rate continues, and the majority of our clients publish their manuscripts in their first-choice journal.