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First impressions

Your title and abstract give readers the first impression of your article.
The title of your scientific article should be structured to attract and inform potential readers. The most common problem in writing a title is confusing word order. Your title should be grammatically correct, concise, specific, and informative. Use key words for proper indexing, include the species studied, avoid abbreviations, and do not overstate your conclusion. Avoid phrases such as "The role of...", The effects of...", "The treatment of...", "The use of...", "A report of a case of...".
The title will attract the reader to the abstract. Most people only read the abstract. The abstract should provide a clear reason for/background of the study, brief details of the methods used, the results, and a clear and focused conclusion. The abstract should be written in past tense and should not include citations.
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Which WORD should you use ?
use is generally the intended term;  
utilize suggests the discovery of a new, profitable, or practical purpose for something;
employ is best reserved for putting a person to work
both are adjectives, but only
optimum can be used as noun; indicating the best or most favorable conditions leading to desirable results
continual means start and stop, like rain;
continuous means never-ending
elevate means to "raise aloft";
increase means augment
oppress means to keep down by force or authority;
means to hold back;
suppress means to inhibit

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