About SciTechEdit

Our mission

We strongly believe scientific findings should be widely accessible and that language barriers should not impede the global dissemination of research.

Scientific research is primarily communicated in English. Prioritizing clear English communication in scientific research enhances the global accessibility and understanding of scientific advancements.

SciTechEdit was founded in 1997, to help scientists from all over the world present their research findings in clear and accessible English to enhance effective communication both between scientists and between scientists and the public to promote a better understanding of scientific advancements, encourage collaboration, accelerate the pace of discovery, and facilitate informed decision-making.

Our story

As fellow graduate students at the University of California, Irvine, we observed that language barriers could interfere with collaboration, publication, and advancement in science. Combining our strong research backgrounds and our recognition of the need for improved science communication, we founded SciTechEdit to help scientists succinctly communicate their findings, effectively promote a clearer understanding of their work, and publish their findings faster and with less effort.

What we do

We help you by editing all science communications (e.g., journal articles, grants, presentations) to more effectively and precisely present your science in a clear, scholarly, engaging, and professional manner suitable for your target audience — be it your colleagues, your students, or the public.

In keeping with our mission to promote science dissemination, SciTechEdit has provided several travel grants for young scientists to attend various scientific meetings around the world. We also offer free editing services for short documents, such as conference abstracts.

Why we do it

The communication of science is critical to scientific progress. The ability to clearly explain scientific ideas, results, and principles is integral to advancing your career as a scientist. To date, we have helped thousands of scientists from over 70 countries publish their findings in top-tier journals and promote their research globally.


Need Help With Your Writing?

At SciTechEdit, we are committed to delivering top-notch science editing services to enhance the impact and clarity of your research. We understand the importance of effective communication in the scientific community, and our team of experienced editors is here to help you refine and elevate your scientific manuscripts.

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