Zu vermeidende Wörter und Ausdrücke

Die Wahl passender Wörter und Ausdrücke kann wesentlich zur Prägnanz Ihrer Texte beitragen.

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a majority ofmost
a number offew, many, several, some
accounted for the fact thatbecause
actually(consider eliminating this word)
additionalmore, added, other
additionallyand, also
adequate number ofenough
adjacent toclose to, near, next to
advantageoususeful, helpful
along the lines ofsimilar to
an innumerable number ofinnumerable, countless, many
an order of magnitude10 times
antecedent tobefore
anterior tobefore
any particular type ofany
are of the same opinionagree
as a consequence ofbecause of
as a means toto
as a result ofbecause of, from
as far as our own observations are concerned, they showwe observed
as regardsabout, concerning
as toon, for, about, of
ascertain the location offind
at an early datesoon
at presentnow, currently
at such time aswhen
at the place wherewhere
at the present momentnow
at the present timenow
at the time thatwhen
at this point in timenow

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