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Knowing How, When, and Where to Use Active and Passive Voice in Science Writing

Proper use of active and passive voice in science writing

active passive voice

Active vs Passive Voice

Writing is an essential part of scientific and technical communication, and it plays a crucial role in conveying complex information to a wide range of audiences. The choice of voice in technical writing, whether active or passive, can significantly impact the clarity and effectiveness of the message being conveyed.

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  • How to identify active and passive voice in your writing
  • How to change passive to active voice
  • When and where to use passive voice
  • See examples of active and passive voice

3 Easy Steps to Constructing a Paragraph

Paragraph Tips

Paragraph Writing Tips

Letters make words, words make sentences, and sentences make paragraphs. Like one building block after another, words come together to convey ideas and support arguments –sometimes better than others. Proper paragraph construction sets good writing apart from bad.

Tense About Verb Tense?

Proper Verb Tense

Verb Tense Writing Tips

Clearly communicating the timeline of your research to the reader is extremely important, and depends on your using the proper verb tense in writing your manuscripts. Verb tense indicates whether the action of a sentence occurred in the past, present, or future, and helps to organize the flow of your writing and outline the sequence of events to emphasize your point.

Scientific English Writing

Writing in Scientific English

scientific english writing

Clear writing enhances the reader's understanding of the importance of your reported findings. Once published, your article becomes a permanent record of your ideas, hypotheses, and thought processes, allowing others to build on your ideas for future investigation, which is the backbone of scientific exploration. English is the lingua franca for science communications, but knowing how to communicate in English is not the same as knowing how to communicate in scientific English. Even the most accomplished scientists for whom English is their native language may struggle to write in clear and concise scientific English.

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