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Writing Tips

  1. Word Choice
  2. Words and Phrases to Avoid

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SciTechEdit International Articles

  1. The Take Home Message
  2. Selecting the Proper Journal
  3. Formatting Your Manuscript
  4. Effective Writing by Dr. James L. McGaugh
  5. Five Simple Tips for Increasing Your Citation Number
  6. The Use of Articles in English Writing
  7. -ic vs. -ical - which is correct?
  8. The Importance of the Oxford Comma
  9. Prepositions - Small, But Important, Words!
  10. 18 Tips to Improve Your Science Writing
  11. 10 Tips to Streamline Your Writing
  12. Shortcuts to Writing a Publishable Manuscript

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 Newsletter Archives

  1. What Makes SciTechEdit International Different, 23. June 2014
  2. Where Should You Publish Your Manuscript?, 10. July 2014
  3. Increase Your Publication Rate with Clear Writing, 22. July 2014
  4. Choosing the Correct Article: 'the', 'a', and 'an', 14. Oct. 2014
  5. Commonly Misused Words in Science Writing, 22. July 2015
  6. Biologic or Biological? Correct word forms, 10. Sept. 2015
  7. Making Good First Impressions: Titles and Abstracts, 4. Nov. 2015
  8. Are you making these common word choice errors?, 10. May 2015

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Writing Resources

  1. Scientific Writing Resource  (Duke Graduate School)
  2. Twenty-one Suggestions for Writing Good Scientific Papers (Delong & Lertzman, Winona State College)
  3. On-line guide to scientific publication  (Commonwealth Forestry Association)
  4. The Science of Scientific Writing (George Gopen, Judith Swan, American Scientist, Vol. 78 (Nov-Dec, 1990), pp. 550-558.
  5. Tips for Writing Better Science Papers (Asian Chemical Editorial Society, Chemistry Views, Richard Threlfall)
  6. Guidelines on style for Scientific Writing (Will G Hopkins PhD, Sportscience 3(1), 1999)Sportscience 3(1), 1999)
  7. StackExchange: English Language & Usage
  8. SWAN: Scientific Writing Assistant
  9. 5 Tips For Scientists On How To Not Write Like Scientists
  10. Writing a Scientific Research Article
  11. Find the perfect Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) for your topic!
  12. European Association of Science Editors (EASE) Toolkit for Authors
  13. MedBioWorld: the largest site for medical and bioscience journals, associations and databases
  14. How to Write a Science Paper (Nature Article)
  15. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication
  16. PubMed Reference Database
  17. National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog: Source for journal names and abbreviations used by many journals.
  18. Index Medicus Journal Abbreviations
  19. List of Title Word Abbreviations
  20. CAS Source Index (CASSI): Journal Title Abbreviations
  21. Stanford Online: Writing in the Sciences: a free, self-paced course offered by Stanford Online Lagunita. Available through June 2018.

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Data Analysis Resources

  1. Power and Sample Size Programs - University of California, San Francisco
  2. Effect Size: What is the effect size and why is it important

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 Presentation Resources

  1. Presenting in English When You’re Not a Native Speaker
  2. Scientific Presentations - The Assertion-Evidence Approach, Michael Alley, Penn State
  3. Assertion-Evidence Approach Tutorial
  4. Top Tips for Effective Presentations
  5. Five Tips for Giving Really Amazing Presentations
  6. Creating a 10-15 Minute Scientific Presentation
  7. Presentation Tips for Non-Native Speakers
  8. 100 Powerful Presentation Tips (That Actually Work)

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  1. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
  2. BMJ Publishing Group
  3. Elsevier Author Gateway
  4. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
  5. MDPI
  6. Oxford Journals
  7. Springer
  8. Taylor & Francis

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  1. Council of Science Editors
  2. European Association of Science Editors
  3. Society for Neuroscience
  4. Federation of Asian and Oceanian Neuroscience Societies
  5. International Brain Research Organization
  6. International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
  7. Japan Neuroscience Society
  8. American Medical Writers Association
  9. American Psychological Association
  10. American Psychological Society
  11. American Chemical Society
  12. Retraction Watch

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Other Resources

  1. TLR Tech - specializes in professional medical writing in clinical research.