Scientific English

scientific englishClear writing enhances the reader's understanding of the importance of your reported findings. Once published, a permanent record of your ideas and hypotheses and thought processes is established, allowing others to build on your ideas for future investigation, which is the backbone of scientific exploration. This is crucial for scientific progress. 

Providing other scientists a piece of new information as a platform for building their own inquiries is also crucial for your career as a scientist. Science aims to enhance the understanding and lives of humanity. Findings that cannot be easily accessed or understood delay the advancement of science. The investment, in both time and money, spent on research warrant dispersion of the findings of the research, whatever they may be, to a global audience. The language used must be understood by both native and non-native English-speaking scientists throughout the world. In other words, a more 'scientific English' rather than the type of English used socially or in classical literature. Let SciTechEdit International help you to communicate your science to an international audience.

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