Acknowledging Science Editors in Manuscript Production

Is It Necessary to Acknowledge Science Editors?

In the intricate realm of scientific manuscript production, the pivotal role executed by science editors often escapes due acknowledgment. Authors frequently grapple with the question of whether it is imperative to recognize the contribution of these editors to their work. The unequivocal response: Affirmative. Expressing acknowledgment of science editors transcends mere courtesy; it emerges as a fundamental tenet of ethical and transparent scientific communication.

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According to ICMJE:

The guidelines established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) emphasize the significance of recognizing contributors who fall outside the purview of authorship. Science editors routinely engage in tasks such as writing assistance, technical editing, language editing, and proofreading, all of which significantly contribute to the refinement and lucidity of a manuscript. In the absence of authorship credit, acknowledgment emerges as an indispensable means of ascribing credit conscientiously.

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According to JAMA:

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) requires that authors acknowledge anyone who made a substantial contribution to the manuscript, but does not qualify as an author.

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According to AMWA:

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) further underscores the necessity for acknowledgment in its position statement on the contributions of medical writers to scientific publications. AMWA not only recognizes the pivotal role played by these professionals but also actively encourages authors to formally acknowledge their contributions, thereby fostering transparency and appropriate attribution in the collaborative process of manuscript development.

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How Should One Acknowledge Their Science Editor?

How Should One Acknowledge Their Science Editor?

Acknowledging the invaluable support of science editors represents a standard that upholds ethical authorship. The following are recommended avenues to express gratitude judiciously:

In the Manuscript

During the manuscript submission process, consider incorporating an Acknowledgments section. Adhere to the guidelines laid out by ICMJE and AMWA, delineating the specific contributions of the science editor. This may encompass writing assistance, technical editing, language editing, or any other substantive contributions that have enriched the manuscript.

For example:

“The authors extend their gratitude to [Name and Qualifications] for their meticulous language editing and technical support throughout the preparation of this manuscript.”

Communication with the Editor

Upon returning an edited file, take a moment to acknowledge the science editor personally. A succinct email or note expressing appreciation not only fortifies a positive working relationship but also duly acknowledges the substantial efforts invested.

For example:

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your assiduous work on the language editing and technical aspects of my manuscript. Your contributions undeniably elevated the quality of the research.”

Why Acknowledge Science Editors?

Importance of Acknowledging Science Editors:

Fostering Ethical Collaboration

Acknowledging science editors serves as a cornerstone for ethical collaboration and transparent credit attribution. It upholds the precepts of academic integrity, acknowledging the diverse skill set that converges to refine the final manuscript.

Adherence to Professional Standards

Conforming to the guidelines established by respected organizations such as ICMJE and AMWA aligns one’s work with the highest professional standards. This alignment reflects positively on one’s commitment to ethical publication practices, setting a precedent for respectful collaboration within the scientific community.


The act of acknowledging science editors goes beyond the confines of professional courtesy; it manifests as an ethical imperative. Such acknowledgment underscores a commitment to fostering a culture of transparency, integrity, and appreciation for the collaborative effort invested in producing scientific manuscripts of exemplary quality. As we commemorate scientific strides, it is imperative to extend due honor to those instrumental figures working diligently behind the scenes to refine and articulate our collective knowledge.

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