Using Discord to Promote Your Science

Discord is a popular chat app designed for creating communities and facilitating real-time conversations. Originally focused on gamers, it has expanded to serve a broader audience, and although global, the largest portion of its users is based in the US. Discord enables users to join servers or create their own, where they can engage in text, voice, or video chats. Many of the servers are hubs for scientists from around the world.

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6 Tips to Promoting 
Your Science Using Discord...

Leverage Discord to enhance the visibility of your research and foster collaborations within the academic community

1) Find Science Communities

Search for Discord servers related to your scientific field or research interests. Many science servers are available and are vibrant hubs for discussions, resource sharing, and collaborative opportunities.

2) Actively Engage

Participate actively in these communities. Join discussions, ask questions, and contribute your insights. Dedicated channels allow you to share your knowledge on specific topics.

3) Collaborate Effectively

Discord provides an excellent platform for research collaboration. Create private channels for your research group or project team to communicate seamlessly and share research updates.

4) Host Knowledge-Sharing Sessions

Utilize Discord’s voice and video chat features to host webinars, virtual seminars, and meetings with colleagues. These sessions can promote your research and facilitate collaboration.

5) Showcase Your Research

While Discord isn’t primarily for self-promotion, you can share your research findings or recent publications in relevant channels, following server guidelines and etiquette.

6) Network and Build Connections

Discord is an ideal place to connect with fellow scientists and researchers in your field. Building relationships can lead to valuable connections and collaborative opportunities.


Discord’s versatile platform offers a unique opportunity to share your passion for science and advance your research agenda. It can be used effectively to promote your scientific work, connect with peers, and enhance your presence within the academic community.

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