Word and Phrases to Avoid

Proper word or phrase selection can greatly simplify and clarify your writing

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if conditions are such thatif, when
impact affect, influence
implementcarry out, begin, start, create, set up
in a precise mannerprecisely
in a satisfactory mannersatisfactorily
in a situation whereif, when
in addition tobesides, also
in all casesalways, invariably
in an adequate manneradequately
in as much asgiven that
in back ofbehind
in caseif
in close proximity tonear
in connection withwith, about, concerning, for
in excess ofmore than, over
in favor offor
in lieu ofinstead of, rather than
in order toto, for
in proximity toclose to, near
in reference toon, for
in regard toon, for
in relation toon, for
in spite of the fact thatalthough
in terms ofin, for, about
in the absence ofwithout
in the amount offor
in the case in whichwhen
in the case of in, with
in the course ofduring, while
in the event thatif, when
in the nature oflike, similar to
in the near futuresoon
in the neighborhood ofabout, roughly
in the place in whichwhere
in the vicinity ofclose to, near
in this instance, howeverbut
in view of the fact thatbecause
inceptionstart, beginning
indicateshow, suggest
initiatebegin, start, set up
institutebegin, start, set up
is able tocan
is authorized tomay
is capable ofcan
is in a position tocan, may
is permitted tomay
it has been reported by SmithSmith reported
it has been reported that (omit and supply reference)
it has been reported that x affects yx affects y
it is (omit)
it is believed that (omit)
it is felt that (omit)
it is important thatmust, should
it is necessary thatmust, should
it is often the case thatoften
it is possible that the cause isthe cause may be
it is probable thatprobably
it is this thatthis
it is worth pointing out thatnote that
it would appear thatapparently
it would thus appear thatapparently

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