SciTechEdit – Professional Science Editing Services

Comprehensive Editing

Highest quality English-language editing by full-time science editors. This service ensures that the background, hypothesis, findings, interpretation, and relevance are clearly communicated.

Essential Editing Services

Essential Editing

Essential Editing is our basic science editing service for both non-native English-speaking scientists and native English-speaking scientists with a strong command of written English.

Consultation Editing Services

Consultation Services

Consultation services are for authors requiring extensive help producing a manuscript or grant.

Proofreading Editing Services


Your manuscript is reviewed for minor mechanical errors in copy (misspelled words, errors, etc).

Plagiarism Amelioration Service

Plagiarism Amelioration

Amelioration of previously published text that may be flagged as plagiarism

Translation Editing Service


Highly qualified scientific, technical, or medical translators for most languages

Free Editing Service

Free Editing

Free no-cost editing of short, complete documents (approximately 250 words)

Need Help With Your Writing?

At SciTechEdit, we are committed to delivering top-notch science editing services to enhance the impact and clarity of your research. We understand the importance of effective communication in the scientific community, and our team of experienced editors is here to help you refine and elevate your scientific manuscripts.

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