Comprehensive Science Editing

Our Comprehensive Science Editing Service provides a thorough review of your document and includes analysis of the structure, clarity, tone, intended audience, and general appeal of the manuscript in addition to all the features of our Essential Science Editing Service (i.e., checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage). This service ensures that the background, hypothesis, findings, interpretation, and relevance are clearly communicated.

Why select Comprehensive Editing?

Our Comprehensive Science Editing Service is ideal for manuscripts and documents written by non-native English-speaking authors and intended for publication in top-tier science journals, international presentations, or high-level communications between colleagues. This science editing service promotes optimal presentation of your research.

Our Comprehensive Science Editing Service is recommended for those aiming to submit their manuscript to a top-tier journal or for grant funding. This service ensures a clear, logical, well-written, highly polished document ready for publication.

Who edits your manuscript?

Our expert editing services are performed by a team of professional, full-time native English science editors, not your competitors or their students, ensuring complete confidentiality of your documents.

Completely confidential

We maintain confidentiality and will provide a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

Edited documents returned on time

Your highly-polished manuscript is returned to you on time, every time.

Unlimited rounds of questions

Following the return of your manuscript, we invite you to ask questions about the suggested changes, which will be promptly addressed.

Unlimited revisions

Minor changes that you make to the document prior to submission for publication are reviewed without additional charge.

50% Re-editing rate for heavily revised documents

Our 50% Re-editing rate is available for full documents previously edited by SciTechEdit that have been heavily revised. The re-editing rate is 50% of the per-page rate of the originally ordered service. If only portions of the revised document require editing, these are edited at the full rate.

Our Comprehensive Science Editing Service:

  • Provides the highest-quality science editing by a team of professional native-English science editors
  • Substantially improves the overall readability of your manuscript
  • Includes sentence/paragraph restructuring, removal of redundant information, check for missing information, and revision of wordy or inappropriate expressions for clarity
  • Ensures that the hypothesis, results, and interpretation are clearly stated and consistent.
  • Ensures that the overall structure and tone of the manuscript are consistent
  • Ensures that your findings are presented at an audience-appropriate level
  • Checks that the hypothesis and interpretations are clearly and logically developed
  • Confirms that all necessary information is present and all unnecessary information is removed
  • Checks punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word usage
  • Ensures correct use of active/passive voice and verb tense
  • Minor revisions edited at no additional charge
  • Major revisions eligible for the Re-editing Rate (50% of the original service rate)
  • Includes review of figures and tables
  • Checks for appropriate and consistent use of abbreviations
  • Checks and corrects reference formatting
  • Includes formatting for the specified journal according to the journal’s guidelines, as well as ensuring that the text conforms to required word/character counts
  • Includes quality assurance with continued support
  • Includes prompt responses to questions after return of the edited manuscript
  • Provides you with a no-risk guarantee
  • Certificate of Editing supplied upon request at no cost

Exclusive SciTechEdit Benefits

Two-expert editor review

Professional expert science editors

Word count reduction

Unlimited rounds of questions

Unlimited review of minor changes

Personalized service

Journal formatting

Editing Certificate

100% guarantee

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At SciTechEdit, we are committed to delivering top-notch science editing services to enhance the impact and clarity of your research. We understand the importance of effective communication in the scientific community, and our team of experienced editors is here to help you refine and elevate your scientific manuscripts.

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