Grant Proposal Editing Service

We can help you obtain funding

We know grants. Since 1997, our professional science editors have helped our clients successfully obtain funding from NIH, The European Research Council, Epilepsy Foundation, American Heart Association, and private philanthropic funders.  These awards include Research grants, Program/Project Grants, Career Development Awards, Research Fellowships, International Centers of Excellence, and European Excellence Initiatives.

Improve your chances of receiving grant funding with our expert services

Our professional science editors have extensive experience helping our clients produce well-organized, clear, credible, and compelling funding proposals. Editing is a key component of grant writing and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness and success of a grant proposal. Effective grant proposals require concise and compelling content to capture the attention of potential funders and convey the significance of the proposed project.

Meticulous editing can help grant writers refine their ideas, structure their arguments, and enhance the clarity and coherence of their writing. Editing helps to remove barriers to understanding the aims of the grant by eliminating grammatical errors, improving sentence structure, removing redundancies, and identifying omissions and flaws in logic, allowing the reviewer to more quickly and effectively grasp the research objectives and strategies. Moreover, editing allows for the identification and correction of inconsistencies or weaknesses in the proposal, ensuring that it presents a strong and coherent case for funding. Our editors can help you refine your proposal to maximize your chances of securing funding.

Tight Deadline? No Problem

We will work with you to meet your tight deadline — whether you need the whole document edited under seemingly impossible time limits or you need sections edited over weeks before bringing the whole document together.

Our Grant Editing Services Provide:

  • Comprehensive or Essential editing of your grant
  • An organized, clear, concise, and compelling grant proposal
  • A clear, objective language review of your proposal prior to submission
  • Organization of your last-minute sections
  • Word count reduction
  • Consolidation of sections written by multiple authors to ensure a coherent proposal
  • Tailored services to meet your needs
  • Flexible time course — let us know your deadlines, we’ll work with you

Grant writing is stressful enough. Let us help relieve your stress by providing the last coat of polish before you submit the proposal to the funding agency.

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At SciTechEdit, we are committed to delivering top-notch science editing services to enhance the impact and clarity of your research. We understand the importance of effective communication in the scientific community, and our team of experienced editors is here to help you refine and elevate your scientific manuscripts.

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