Proofreading Service

Our Proofreading Service is usually selected by native English-speaking scientists with strong writing skills who would like to have their documents reviewed by a fresh set of eyes. A professional native-English science editor will review the document for minor mechanical errors in copy, appropriate capitalization, and punctuation.

Why select Proofreading?

Our Proofreading Service is for documents that require only minor review of language mechanics.

In contrast to the Comprehensive Science Editing Service and Essential Science Editing Service, the Proofreading Service, no structural changes are made to improve the clarity (for example, redundancies are not removed, sentences and paragraphs are not rearranged for clarity, and missing information is not noted). Consistency in active/passive voice and verb tense is also not checked. Documents are returned to you without mechanical errors.

Our Proofreading Service is best suited for finalizing already-polished documents, e.g., galley proofs.

Who edits your manuscript?

A professional native English science proofreader will thoroughly review your document for mechanical errors.

Completely confidential

We maintain confidentiality and will provide a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

Edited documents returned on time

Your proofread document is returned to you on time, every time.

Our Proofreading Service:

  • Checks for mechanical errors in copy
  • Provides a review of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Checks for typographic errors
  • Checks for consistent use of abbreviations

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